Monday, April 26, 2021

Decimal Places ,Fraction in Excel - Free Excel Trainings

Decimal Places


In this article, we will learn how can show fewer decimal places in Excel without changing the number itself. 

1. Enter a number value "2.175" in cell A1.

decimal places in excel

2. Go to the Home tab and then in the Number group and click the Decrease Decimal button twice as mentioned below screenshot.

decimal places in excel

Now you can check the result decimal points are decreased.

If you look at the formula bar, cell A1 still contains the value 2.175.

3. You can use this underlying precise value in calculations as mentioned in the screenshot.

If you want to use 2.2 to get a result of 6.6, you can round the value in cell A1.


In this part of our learning, we will learn how to enter a fraction in Excel and how to change the format of a fraction.

1. Type 1 4/7 to enter the mixed fraction 1 4/7. if you want to enter the fraction 4/7 into cell A1, then type 0 4/7.

fraction in excel


You can test you've entered a correct fraction. Automatically Excel has set a fraction format to cell A1 and now you can edit the fraction by simply typing 5/7 without adding 0 at the start. The decimal value of fractions will appear in the formula bar.

2. If you want to check the applied Fraction format. Select the relevant cell (A1), right-click, and then click Format Cells.

By default, Excel has set the Up to one digit type in the fraction tab.

If you are entering a fraction like 4/11, change the type to Up to two digits by right click and format cell. To enter a fraction like 1/148 into changing the type to Up to three digits by following the same steps.

Hopefully, this article will help you to enhance the knowledge of Microsoft excel. In the next topic, we will read more about format cells. Stay tuned with us and if you have any issues do let us know.